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What Can I Do if There Is a Warrant for My Arrest Due to A Past Traffic Violation?

Angelillo Law May 6, 2022

Most people who face this issue do not really learn this information indirectly. Most people do not know there is a warrant for their arrest until they are making a run to the store and a police officer pulls them over, runs their plates, and informs them of the warrant for their arrest. The first thing that individual should do is contact an attorney.

An attorney will be able to find out what previous violations the individual has that are outstanding that might have resulted in the arrest warrant. The attorney can file the necessary paperwork to have the case recalled before the Judge, have the arrest warrant quashed, and protect the individual from being arrested in the future.

Why Not Just Pay My Ticket and Get It Over With?

The reason why this step might not be prudent is that having an attorney accompany you and be with you when you go to traffic court holds more benefits than just paying off the ticket. A good attorney will negotiate with the state to potentially get fines and costs reduced. He will ensure that you get supervision as opposed to a conviction, which is one of the things that you can’t be guaranteed if you merely just go to court and plead guilty. A state’s attorney is not going to be looking out for your best interest. They do not care what your best interests are, while a good criminal defense attorney will.

Should I Always Hire a Traffic Attorney Whenever I Am Facing a Traffic Violation/Ticket?

Not only with traffic violation defense, but in any situation in which you are faced with the unlimited money, time and the power of the State, you should absolutely have an attorney there alongside you. You are only making it easier for yourself in the long run. A good criminal defense attorney will do everything that they know how to in order to ensure that the scales are tipped just that little bit less against you.

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