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CDL Traffic Violations Attorney in La Grange, Illinois

Traffic Violations on a CDL Could Cost You
Your Source of Income

No one is more in need of maintaining a clean record than those that maintain a commercial driver's license, and because of that, you take your record seriously. Maybe on this day, you were trying to keep up with your schedule or make up a couple of extra miles to meet your quota. Whatever the situation may be, you now find yourself facing a potential violation against your record that’s threatening your very livelihood.

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Attorney Angelillo has represented several individuals who were all at one point telling the same story, and what you need is an attorney who will strive to help you keep your record clean and allow you to get back onto the road to start making money again. He will negotiate directly with the state on your behalf and do his best to advocate that no penalty is imposed on you or affect your CDL when possible.

Time is of the essence in these situations, and you can’t afford to potentially lose months of income waiting on a ruling in your case.

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If you've been charged with a traffic violation while on a CDL, contact Attorney Angelillo immediately to set up a free consultation. You enthusiastically protect your CDL, and you deserve an attorney who will represent you with the same zeal.