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Nobody Gets Behind the Wheel of a Vehicle with the Goal of Being a Bad Driver

You’re vigilant when you’re driving because you understand the consequences of not being aware of your surroundings when operating a motor vehicle. But sometimes mistakes or things out of your control happen. Maybe your foot was a little heavier on this day, you checked your side mirror a second too long, or a car you weren’t expecting came out of your blind spot. Sometimes the consequences of these slip-ups are speeding tickets, and sometimes it could result in serious injury and property damage either to yourself or to another individual.

The consequences of these tickets could impact the status of your license, depending on the number of prior tickets you’ve accumulated, to the overall cost of your car insurance premiums.

Whatever the situation may be, what you need is an attorney that will advocate vigorously on your behalf to ensure that you’re properly protected from these consequences, if at all possible — and if not, one that can help you mitigate the penalties against you.

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What Are My Options After Receiving a Speeding Ticket?

Whenever you are issued a speeding ticket or any sort of traffic violation anywhere in the state of Illinois, the police officer will present with you a copy of the ticket. On the ticket, it should indicate whether or not your court appearance is required. If the ticket states that your court appearance is not required, you have three options: (1). You can plead guilty and pay the fine without going to court, but you will receive a conviction for your record. (2). You can plead guilty and request an order for supervision which will avoid any potential conviction on your record assuming that you pay off the fine that is attached. (3). You can plead not guilty and request a trial. If you've received a speeding ticket, contact Attorney Angelillo today for a free consultation. Read more about speeding ticket options.

What Can I Do If There Is a Warrant for My Arrest Due to a Past Traffic Violation?

Most people who face this issue do not really learn this information indirectly. Most people do not know there is a warrant for their arrest until they are making a run to the store and a police officer pulls them over, runs their plates, and informs them of the warrant for their arrest. The first thing that an individual should do is contact an attorney. Attorney Angelillo works diligently in the La Grange, Cook, and DuPage counties in order to find out what previous violations the individual has that are outstanding that might have resulted in the arrest warrant. He can file the necessary paperwork to have the case recalled before the Judge, have the arrest warrant quashed, and protect the individual from being arrested in the future.